Friday, July 9, 2010

Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park Didn't Just 'Happen'

Excerpted from The Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Program Manual: "The LWCF Act of 1965 was assist in preserving, developing, and assuring outdoor recreation increase the number of protected state and local outdoor recreation resources and to ensure their availability for public use in perpetuity."

LWCF is intended to encourage sound planning and long-term partnerships to expand the quantity and to ensure the quality of needed state and local outdoor recreation resources. The LWCF State Assistance Program provides matching grants to States, and through the States to local governments, for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities.

Excerpted from the Project Description for the 1981 LWCF grant co-sponsored by the City of Port Townsend and the Port of Port Townsend that funded the purchase of private properties to develop the Park: "This acquisition project of approximately 78.5 acres through donation, land transfer, and purchase, is designed to consolidate under the ownership of the City the contiguous land along the perimeters of Kah Tai Lagoon, thereby enabling the City to plan and develop a municipal passive park around the Lagoon."

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