Monday, July 26, 2010

Park Boundary Defined: Just the Facts

The National Park Service states that the permanent, protected boundary of any park created with federal LWCF funds is established by two facts: who signed the grant proposal and what property did those signers own at the closing of the grant? Further, if ANY parcel of land included in a park is purchased with federal funds, ALL parcels are equally subject to federal protections. The 1981 acquisition grant to purchase private lands around the perimeter of the Kah Tai Lagoon was signed by the City and the Port of Port Townsend as equal co-sponsors. At the grant's closing in 1985, all the colored lots in the City's 2010 map (shown) were owned by the Port (purple), the City (blue) and County (orange). The City subsequently purchased all County lots in 2004. The permanent boundary seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it?

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