Thursday, December 30, 2010

LWCF 6(f) protections in plain language

The National Park Service has posted an attractive 12-page brochure that describes Land and Water Conservation Fund (so-called 6(f)(3)) protections in accessible language that anyone can appreciate. It provides useful examples of what is required for a conversion of protected park land. If you would like to become better informed about what federal protections exist for Kah Tai, this is a good place to start. Note that the links at the lower right of this page include the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office and the National Park Service LWCF sites, which have all the documentation you could ever need. The brochure can be found at the National Park Service link if you follow the link to the left column on the NPS page and then click on 'compliance responsibilities & legal protection'. The brochure is posted mid-page as 'LWCF Stewardship Booklet'. Don't miss the useful information in all the other pdfs posted there.

The RCO link on the lower right of this page takes you to some our favorite words, all the way at the bottom of the page there:

Long-term Commitments for Funded Projects
All property acquired or developed with Land and Water Conservation Fund grants must be kept forever exclusively for public outdoor recreation use. 

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