Wednesday, October 19, 2011

good advice from a Friend of Kah Tai

I hope the interested public will carefully read the record that WA State RCO and the National Park Service recently agreed clearly shows that previous Port authorities had fully committed the land in question to the full 78+ acre park. This became a legal limitation that runs with the title to the full park configuration on acceptance of the Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds by those previously authorized to do so on behalf of the public entity known as the Port of Port Townsend.  There are irregularities in the post-award grant management that have been documented that by no means negate the RCO recommendation and NPS decision. Contrary to the Port manager's interview in today's Leader, the Port has not yet fully exercised its administrative options to apply for a conversion of the land from outdoor recreational use to whatever while providing land of equal environmental value offsite.

As we watch this fools' parade, the commissioners, manager, manager's staff and contract lawyer should be asked what happened to the former port manager's reports from the 1980's?  That would settle the intent of the Port at the time of the grant implementation. We now are fortunate that past managers and mayors are willing to step forward and certify their intent and official involvement in this important and historical moment in the survival of this wonderful open space jewel.

Commissioner Thompson has indicated his continued wish that the land be used for extensive commercial development. So long birds, so long trees, hello pavement. Is that the opinion of the public he represents?

Until this is resolved, please urge the City and Port officials to renew the lease so that the City and its volunteer corps can continue to protect and maintain this wonderful resource land for walking, birding, playing, sky watching, and all those activities that really make us human.

Paula Mackrow
Friends of Kah Tai Board

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