Friday, November 11, 2011

can you see it now?

map 1 included in 81-043 Sec. 1.PDF, RCO files.
All these many months, those of us who have been chasing facts in old documents have missed something important. One of the consistent myths promoted by the Port is that no official map was submitted with the grant documents. There are maps in the official RCO files, but the original color versions were separated from the official documents that described them.  This unfortunate situation has allowed incomplete early draft maps to be put forward as 'the' map, most recently in the Leader's article about the Port lawsuit.

However, tucked away in one of those many public records request fulfillments received from the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) is a 27-page intact file entitled '81-043 Sec. 1.PDF'.  81-043 is the 1981 Kah Tai grant identification number. Sec. 1.PDF is one of 21 files in one folder of 160 MB of data on a CD containing 469 MB in a records request of several GB.  It is easy to overlook.

map 2 included in 81-043 Sec. 1.PDF, RCO files
Sec. 1.PDF has been overlooked because it has a few issues. For one, the cover letter from the State IAC (now RCO) office is incorrectly dated. It says 1989 when it should say 1980 (of course it is 1980 because the state letterhead says Dixie Lee Ray is governor, and she was not governor in 1989; her term ended in 1980). For another, the copy of the Program Narrative included is missing at least one page. And most importantly, the two maps included are very poorly xeroxed in black and white so it's hard to see what they represent. Since other and better copies of most of these documents had been found in other files, this particular file was overlooked. But what Sec. 1.PDF provides is what was submitted by the state to the federal  government to finalize the LWCF application process in November 1980.

Now that we have a real park boundary map authenticated by the person who drew it in 1980, we realize that this Sec. 1.PDF file is quite significant. The two faint maps (click on each to enlarge) BOTH show the SAME project boundary. The Port land is unambiguously included in both maps, however poor the reproduction. A little adjustment of contrast is all that is necessary to bring out the FAT BLACK line. And, in fact, the line is even fatter and more insistent in the second map! Compare these with the authenticated map  posted earlier. Map 1 above is a xerox of the authenticated final map. Map 2 is another original (all the maps were hand-drawn originals, back in 1980) of the same map boundary, also submitted with the files that IAC sent to NPS to complete the application process.

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