Friday, December 2, 2011

Kah Tai boundary, 2011 edition

Kah Tai boundary, November 2011
Posted around the perimeter of Kah Tai  Lagoon Nature Park are notices about the upcoming Planning Commission hearing (12 January 2012 at last report) on some important Comprehensive Plan amendments.  The draft update to the Parks Functional Plan and proposed amendments related to the protection of the Park are being evaluated for forwarding to the City Council.

Included in that posted information is a small grayscale map with a simple legend: Kah Tai Nature Park and a northern compass point (click on map to enlarge).  The map boundary looks very much like the boundary drawn in 1984 (see below, November 13 post). A few parcels on the northern boundary are finally sorted out ( the 1984 map was drawn to accompany an effort to sort out those errant northern parcels) and a piece or two of right-of-way have been added in. The southern boundary has not changed. It has taken 27+ years to legitimize the hand-drawn 1984 boundary. The process was made necessary by incomplete recording to title at the close of the grant followed by the slow metamorphosis of a minority opinion into urban myth. Not everyone wanted the Park in 1981, but a majority of citizens did, and a majority of City Council and Port Commissioners voted it into being. That's how democracy works. You don't get to re-invent an outcome because you don't like it.

Copies of the draft parks plan update and information about suggested amendment language are available on the City's website under Latest News. Our efforts to protect the Park are not finished, but we are making progress.

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