Monday, December 26, 2011

ad hoc intergovernmental report, 1977

zoning map in ad hoc report, 1977
It turns out that the base map for the IAC/RCO map shown in the previous post comes from a report entitled 'Kah Tai Lagoon - a Summary Report from the ad hoc Intergovernmental Advisory Committee' completed in February 1977 by City, County, Park and Port representatives. The report was the result of an effort to solve the problem of what to do with Kah Tai.

Also included in the ad hoc report is an ownership map of lands at Kah Tai. Note the varied ownership symbols for the land that is claimed by the Port, all land between the lagoon's south shore and Sims Way.  Click on maps to enlarge.
ownership map in ad hoc report, 1977

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