Monday, July 30, 2012

now that we're here, it seems so easy

On July 16th, City Council moved forward with the majority of City actions needed to complete the transfer of the Port's Kah Tai lands to the City.  Specifically, they passed Ordinances 3078 and 3079 unanimously for first reading. The first ordinance will amend nonconforming use provisions  in Chapters 17.88 and 20.01 of the Municipal Code. The second will vacate rights of way in the Boat Haven. Council approved unanimously Resolution 12-030, which will lead to the transfer of City's ownership interest (except for Pope Marine Building) in City Dock and Union Wharf, and the abandoned railroad line in the boat haven (but not any part affecting the Larry Scott Trail).

They held Ordinance 3080 which would vacate a portion of Madison Street ROW associated with City Dock due to some issues about underlying property servitudes (remember RCO and perpetuity?) to be discussed by the full negotiating committee. Council approved unanimously a first reading of Ordinance 3081 repealing Municipal Code Chapter 5.46 pertaining to City Dock and Union Wharf use regulations and charges, and passed unanimously Ordinance 3082, amending Municipal Code Chapter 13.05 about utility rates and added section 13.05.055 Boat Haven - Exemption From Stormwater Fees.

On July 25th, The Port Commission held their formal hearing to surplus their Kah Tai holdings. With no objections and only one public comment (in support), the Commission agreed that the Port Administration will draft a resolution to finalize the transfer to the City to be considered (signed) at their next meeting.

See how easy this is? Or at least it looks easy sitting in the bleachers.

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