Sunday, April 14, 2013

Earth Day workparty at Kah Tai

Kah Tai mirror. Photo by Julie Jaman
There's another work party at Kah Tai next Sunday, April 21st. There's ALWAYS another work party at Kah Tai, but this one is in honor of Earth Day. Humans leave a noticeable footprint on the uplands but it is human awareness and appreciation that will continue to protect Kah Tai. It's a fair trade-off. So many folks take ownership of the park. Much of the trash along Sims Way blows in from the commercial area across the street, due more often to careless customers than to the business owners. Many park users pick up the occasional litter as they walk through.

We just keep working on the Scot's broom. Areas that were once covered with broom now host crowds of Nootka rose.  As the completion of ownership transfer inches closer, more folks show up at the work parties, starting to trust that the park will be intact and it's worth digging some weeds. Kah Tai's future isn't so clouded these days. There's still a little parcel on the north side that has an incomplete solution but it is the same little parcel that confounded those volunteers who created the park in 1981.

We visited a few of those 130+ shrubs and trees that were planted in February. The mock orange and blue elderberry are leafing out nicely. The dogwood are still thinking about it, waiting for a clearer message of spring.