A Brief History of Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park

1964 - Lagoon infilled with 231,000 cubic yards of dredge spoil from Port of PT.

1977/78 - Port's proposed construction of planned unit development on fill is opposed by citizens and denied by City.

1980/81 - City and Port jointly sponsor a Land and Water Conservation (National Park Service)-funded effort, to acquire private parcels by purchase or donation and public parcels by transfer, and create a 78.5-acre park. Port and City sign joint contract with State of Washington and thereby commit to contract signed by State of Washington and NPS. Lease w/option to purchase signed with PUD for two southeast parcels. County votes unanimously to transfer its Kah Tai land to City as soon as grant is funded.

1982 - Public parcels from PUD, County and Port are not transferred to City in a sufficiently timely manner for subsequent development grant. Port and City sign 30-year quid pro quo lease to allow Port control over City-owned rights of way in boatyard and City control over Port's Kah Tai park land, the latter required by pending 1983 development grant. Port receives detailed presentation of development plan and passes it unanimously as presented.

1983 - City sponsors a state-funded IAC grant to develop the southern portion of Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park to excavate the small lagoon, build the bridge, restrooms and picnic shelter. City match provided by citizen in-kind donation of materials and effort.

1985 - County still has not transferred land as voted; belatedly offers a lease to City for Kah Tai land.

1995 - Jefferson Transit Authority completes construction of Park & Ride adjacent to the Nature Park, with extensive precautions required to protect buffers.

1998 - City neglects at some point to pay PUD $1.00 per year lease cost. PUD declares lease invalid and moves to rezone land for development. City purchases land for $114,000.

2004 - County sells to City the Kah Tai land it promised to transfer in 1980. Included in the purchase is a a small downtown 'alleyway/walkway'; sale price is $25,000 for total.

2008 - Port plans to develop land in Kah Tai with an aquatic center. History repeats itself.

2011 - September 7, to be exact - RCO recommends that ALL of Kah Tai should be protected in perpetuity!

2011 - September 27 - NPS concurs with RCO and the full boundary of Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park is protected in perpetuity. Finally.

2011 - October 13 - Port files suit against US government, state government, city government. Next target: the world?!